Irene Guim

Art Direction & Animation

Following my Advertising & Public Relations degree, I've worked for advertising agencies in a versatile environment that combines art direction with disciplines such as animation, branding, graphic/corporate/editorial design, image and video edition.

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Branding & Corporate Design

Client: ARTIEM Hotels

For ARTIEM Hotels, we took care of all aspects of brand communication, spanning across digital channels, email marketing, website management, and printed materials within the hotels such as restaurant menus and hotel stationery. From photography shoots to crafting summer campaigns, a multitude of materials were meticulously prepared to define and enhance the ARTIEM brand identity.

Website redesign

Their old website lacked coherence and featured outdated design elements. The current version, post-changes to align with the new brand image, is vastly improved with a cohesive aesthetic, modern design, and consistent branding, offering visitors a more engaging experience reflecting the brand's evolution.


Laying out of the ARTIEM’s 2022 annual report.


Various materials for the hotel include restaurant menus, guest slippers, informational panels, stationery, and email marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Content for ARTIEM's social media channels includes engaging posts, captivating visuals, informative videos, and interactive stories that showcase the unique experiences and amenities offered by the hotel chain.


Various templates were developed to accommodate the formats required by the client, including Instagram posts or stories, desktop wallpapers, flyers, posters, hotel signage, email signatures, newsletters, and web banners.


A photoshoot conducted at the ARTIEM hotels in Asturias and Madrid, involving prior proposal preparation and art direction supervision during the shoot.

Shooting at ARTIEM Asturias

Shooting at ARTIEM Madrid

Advertising agency: ROSAPARKS
Creative Director: Lucía Bobadilla, Ana Piedrabuena
Copywriter: Lucía Bobadilla, Ana Piedrabuena, Loreto Von Chrismar
Art Director: Irene Guim
Animation: Irene Guim

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