Irene Guim

Art Direction & Animation

Following my Advertising & Public Relations degree, I've worked for advertising agencies in a versatile environment that combines art direction with disciplines such as animation, branding, graphic/corporate/editorial design, image and video edition.

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Client: Sanex

A sneak peak of the international social media campaign that went under the hashtag #SanexCommits, an umbrella concept that summarized the different responsibilities of the brand and unified all the assets around them.

Commitment to the planet

Video asset about the different measures that Sanex was carrying out to reduce its environmental impact.

Video asset about the journey of Sanex towards a sustainable future.

Commitment to skin health

A content series where a dermatologist analyzed the best skin care routine for every skin type, explaining which ingredients are beneficial and which should be avoided.

An overview of the safety criteria behind the formula of the different Sanex products.

Advertising agency: Contrapunto BBDO
Creative Director: Jacint Cabau
Copywriter: Andrés Rubio
Art Director: Irene Guim
Animation: Irene Guim

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