Irene Guim

Art Direction & Animation

Following my Advertising & Public Relations degree, I've worked for advertising agencies in a versatile environment that combines art direction with disciplines such as animation, branding, graphic/corporate/editorial design, image and video edition.

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Corporate Materials & Social Media Content


ROSAPARKS is a B Corp creative agency specialized in Brand Purpose and Social and Environmental Impact. The company aims to help brands define their purpose and then activate and communicate it through creative social impact projects.

Laying out of the ROSAPARKS’ 2021-2022 annual report.


A creative hackathon organized by ROSAPARKS in 2023 that gathered 100 advertising creatives to solve 10 challenges. These were related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and suggested by 10 NGOs from Barcelona.

Animation and video editing of the promotional video of the event, and creation of other visual materials such as posters, flyers and a photocall background. 

Other Corporate Materials

Advertising agency: ROSAPARKS
Creative Director: Ana Piedrabuena
Copywriter: Ana Piedrabuena, Loreto Von Chrismar
Art Director: Irene Guim, Lina Robles
Animation: Irene Guim

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