Irene Guim

Art Direction & Animation

Following my Advertising & Public Relations degree, I've worked for advertising agencies in a versatile environment that combines art direction with disciplines such as animation, branding, graphic/corporate/editorial design, image and video edition.

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Social media Campaign

Client: Cacaolat

¿Quién se ha acabado el último Cacaolat 0%?Who drank the last Cacaolat 0%?

¿Quién se ha acabado el último Cacaolat 0%? was a fun Instagram awareness action to publicize the newly lactose-free formula of the Cacaolat 0% chocolate shake.

Through the statements of the suspects, the brand's followers had to become detectives to unmask the culprit. One of the winners got a year worth of Cacaolat.

The reach of users and impressions doubled. The response rate was 427% higher than Cacaolat’s mean. And all that with organic content.

Advertising agency: Contrapunto BBDO
Creative Director: Aleix Bou
Creative Supervisor: Ariadna Céspedes
Art Directors: Irene Guim, Pat Garcia

Copywriter: Ariadna Céspedes

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